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Posted by Andrew VanderPloeg

Foosball Team

Over the past 9 months, some great new people have been added to our team in different capacities and today, we want to introduce them to you!

In order of appearance:

Jordan Westman - Director of Sales and Marketing

Jordan Westman Profile PictureAmongst other things, Jordan is responsible for creating a unique and positive experience for our clients on our web platform. He also consults and manages clients with their marketing strategies and develops sustainable solutions tailored to their needs. With 5+ years in the industry, Jordan brings fresh, creative ideas to the table that put our clients ahead of the game. He has experience in social media, marketing strategy and an undeniable passion for customer service. In his free time Jordan enjoys surfing the great lakes (yes, it's possible), playing volleyball and helping out in his community.

And if the end of that bio sounded like an online dating profile, then wait for this one:

Bob Klanac - Support & Communications Specialist

Bob Klanac Profile PictureBob joined the team in November of 2013 and brings a wealth of experience in a number of different organizations. He enjoys long walks on the beach, serving at polling stations at election times, and interviewing major musical acts - no really, you can check out his work here. Further to that, Bob has sat on both Juno and Polaris award juries and remains involved with the board of the London, Ontario, Home County Folk Festival. Bob's area of responsibility with us is to serve and support the clients who use our web platform. You'll catch his influence working behind the scenes in developing help documentation and strategies to serve our customers better.

Jeremy Ward - Short-term Communications Strategist

Jeremy Ward Profile PictureMore recently, we've also had the exciting opportunity to bring Jeremy Ward on as an intern. Jeremy will be working with us over the summer to learn about, and contribute to, our content marketing efforts along with our online advertising work for our own brands and those of our clients. He comes to us armed with an MBA from the University of Victoria and valuable experience with a number of organizations such as: Info-Tech, Level Ground Trading, and Canada's Next Top Ad Exec.