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Posted by Ray Majoran

Education Week

Would you like to learn how to use Radiant WebTools 4.0 more effectively? Or maybe you haven’t even had the time to check it out yet. Either way, we’re pleased to present two new ways for you to get up to speed.

Way #1: Free Live Webinars 

Learn how to use Radiant WebTools 4.0 more effectively by registering for one of our live webinars! You’ll be able to watch, listen and ask questions from the comfort of your own computer.

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Way #2: Introducing 24 Video Tips on Using Radiant WebTools 4.0

Part of harnessing the power of Radiant WebTools comes in understanding what it's capable of. We’ve added 24 videos to help you along in your journey. They cover:

  • Understanding the Dashboard
  • Managing Files
  • Understanding the Style Sheet Editor
  • Changing Fonts & Colors
  • Adding a Logo to Your Header
  • Adding & Editing Banners
  • Mobile Styles & Options
  • Creating & Saving Templates
  • Adding & Moving Pages
  • Understanding Meta Data (and Search Engines)
  • Managing Columns in Your Design
  • Understanding Modules & Their Importance
  • Editing Code
  • Using Different Types of Navigation
  • Quickly Saving & Moving Between Pages
  • Using the Content Editor
  • Creating Links
  • Saving Different Versions of Content
  • Using the Mobile App
  • Understanding Google Analytics
  • Using Editors & Permissions
  • Attaching a Domain Name

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We’re always here if you have any questions. For those of you wondering about Radiant WebTools 3.0—don’t worry, it’s not going anywhere! 4.0 is simply a free upgrade for users who want more control of their site.