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Xpiritmental Xpanded

Posted by Andrew VanderPloeg

XpiritmentalSo, it’s been an exciting few weeks here at the office. We’ve had the pleasure of making a number of announcements for AdvancedMinistry: AM Development Language, the form-builder and the new ticketing system for our support services.

But today we have the pleasure of announcing a new site that we are particularly excited about.

As I mentioned in our news release when we launched this blog, Xpiritmental is a name that has been around for a number of years here at Electricurrent and in its original incarnation, we had set it up as a sub-section of a site and at that time it contained desktops designed by our design team.

It was a great tool for us as it allowed our designers the ability to break free of project constraints and just get creative. In doing so, it helped to show our creativity to the world and had the happy side-effect of increasing the quality and reach of our brand. It was also a great place for our clients and our friends to access free content that would dress up their computers and encourage them throughout the day.

So we thought, let’s bring it back!

But we’ve thrown a bit of a twist on it. Xpiritmental is now its own unique website that serves as a home for our past, current and future desktop designs, but also syndicates the Xpiritmental blog that you are reading now.

It is undoubtedly one of our more ambitious design projects and we are extremely excited about how it has turned out.

We’d love for you to check it out at www.xpiritmental.com and send us your thoughts!