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Posted by Ray Majoran

Seeing that we are getting towards the end of autumn, we wanted to give our AdvancedMinistry users a quick update on the status of AMDL (AdvancedMinistry Development Language) and the online Form Builder. Both are going extremely well!

Regarding AMDL, we are hoping to offer a private beta to a select group of candidates within the next 3-4 weeks. What that means is – we are going to start collecting beta applicants through an online submission form. Potential candidates will need to provide us with their level of programming knowledge, time that they can commit to the beta program, bug testing experience, etc. A link to apply for the beta program will be available within the next two weeks.

The form builder is even closer. Our goal is to release this to the general public by mid-January!

The form builder will be available to Red, Blue and Purple Suite users, while AMDL will be accessible to Blue and Purple Suite customers.