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Posted by Andrew VanderPloeg

On Tuesday, as I was sitting at my desk working away, my phone lit up with one of the many notifications that pop up throughout my day. This particular one was a CNN notification highlighting the following breaking news item:

CNN Article Screenshot
Evidently, that's news. And not just business news, we're talking, front page, lead story type of stuff.

What got them there? Well, they've been remarkable, or in other words, worthy of remark. They have a back-story and a less certain future than they used to (or at least it's perceived as such), so there's some interesting context there. They also have a powerful fan base behind them. But, in fairness, they also do some pretty amazing stuff. To think of an iPad getting 25% smaller, is really, quite unbelievable and must have required some world-class engineering solutions to make happen.

But the question that the notification caused me to consider was: What am I doing that's remarkable enough to make news?

Obviously, Apple's market is essentially the whole world, and therefore a news outlet like CNN is fair game for them, but the principle applies on a smaller scale as well. So I ask myself, sitting here in my office today, what am I doing that is remarkable? And I'll ask that same question of you. What are you doing to make your product, service or cause worthy of remark?

Advertising in all it's facets won't sell on it's own.

What you do has to be remarkable.