It's That Time Again! Catalyst 2013 - Radiant

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Posted by Andrew VanderPloeg

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: a person or event that quickly causes change or action
- Merriam Webster

Catalysts are game-changers. They are the kind of people who impact their communities directly and through their influence impact others beyond their reach as well.

They are leaders.

But just because they are often the drivers behind movements and ideas, doesn't mean they don't need inputs. At one point, Michael Hyatt said on his blog, "If there is one thing great leaders know, it is how to lead themselves." His next thought was to share that that was why he was attending the Catalyst Conference.

That, in part, is why we're attending the Catalyst Conference on Oct 2-4 in Atlanta as well. We want to be catalysts. We love the input of the conference, both from the speakers, but also from the great attendees that we get to meet and hang out with.

We also want to be the catalyst that helps ministries and non-profits communicate the message they have to share - the very greatest message in the world - the message of Jesus Christ.

If you're going, we'll look forward to seeing you there. We'll have our booth set up. Come find us!