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My wife and I moved into our first house back in late summer this year. Since then interior decoration has been nearly a full time hobby for the both of us. I have worked on some various digital art pieces to fill frames that we had purchased for our bedroom and it was quite frustrating. I’ll tell you why.

Wacom TabletWe now have an office at home so I have been working there, but there are some key differences between my office at home and at work, namely the absence of a Wacom Tablet. Two years ago my employer bought Wacom Tablets for the designers and work has never been the same. For those of you that don’t know, a tablet is a flat surface, maybe a half an inch thick that works in coordination with a pen that replaces the use of a mouse. Let me tell you, for an artistic person, it’s a b-e-a-utiful thing.

The pen allows a much more natural use of the hand, wrist and arm while working on projects in any application, but most importantly, Photoshop. Imagine trying to use a mouse with a pencil jammed in the bottom to draw something on a piece of paper, it would be nearly impossible. Or better yet imagine Michelangelo was half way through his famous Sistine Chapel and had his fine paint brushes and artistic tools replaced with those jumbo crayons we had to use back in kindergarten. I was only 5 when I last used the jumbo crayons and I found those things insulting. Colour within the lines? Whatever! That was an exercise in futility! The difference is that significant. Also, using the pen is much more ergonomically correct. In the past two years I have ceased to have any wrist soreness I was experiencing before using a mouse 8 hours a day.

So this is my shameless endorsement. I HEART MY WACOM TABLET!!!