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Authentic Marketing

Posted by Andrew VanderPloeg

Whenever we deal with faith-based organizations, we often feel as though we need to start out by explaining why we believe that branding, marketing and advertising are not concepts to cringe at when it comes to applying them to Churches or faith-based Ministries.

One of the reasons that I think people cringe when they think of marketing a Ministry, is because they have a view of Church marketing that looks something like this:

Church Facade

What we try and communicate is that although there are no doubt examples of massive Ministries that do exactly what this cartoon implies, that doesn’t mean that they are good examples of applying marketing to the Church, or for that matter, good examples of marketing in general.

Good marketing, whether in the Ministry, Non-profit or Corporate world, needs to be consistent. I’ve mentioned before that good marketing involves having a good story. Ideally the marketing starts with the product or service itself. That said we believe that the Christian Church has the greatest story in the world and so the only thing that remains is for us to learn to tell that story in ways which do it justice.

At the end of the day, it’s about authenticity. We need to be authentic in communicating the story that we have to proclaim and authentic to who we are in the context of that story. A component part of that authenticity comes from consistency.

Putting up a big facade might result in superficial interest and growth, but it doesn’t result in long-term growth of people with a meaningful role in your Church, Ministry or Non-profit.