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Posted by Andrew VanderPloeg

Well, we’ve given you a lot to read this week and so Casual Friday is a welcome reprieve. In fact, it’s really an extra casual, casual Friday since its Thanksgiving weekend for our friends down in the States.

As I debated what to share with you on this Casual Friday when a concise post was in order, I was struck with a new online tool that really is the epitome of being to-the-point. is a site that you simply go to and it will reconcile your computers IP address with where you are located and automatically tell you the answer to one very simple question: is it going to rain here today (wherever “here” is)?

The service wasn’t able to find a result for London, Ontario where we’re located, so I plugged in Toronto and got the following notification.

Other than potentially seeing a big “YES” or “NO”, what you see above is the whole site in one screen shot.

I’m revelling in the simplicity.

Have a simply great weekend and for all our U.S. friends, Happy Thanksgiving!