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Posted by Andrew VanderPloeg

How do you measure the success of a blog?

Hits? Unique visits? Subscriptions to your feed? about none of the above...

Successful metrics on a blog aren’t about how many sets of eyes have seen a given post. They’re about the quality of the conversation that you create.

It’s our stated purpose for this blog that Xpiritmental be a place on the web where we can hold a conversation with our readers. As we work on a daily basis to convey our thoughts and experiences, we do it with the hope that we are resourcing others and helping them accomplish their goals.

You can’t tell if you’re meeting that goal by seeing how many hits your blog/post got yesterday. Just because a couple hundred or a couple thousand people saw your post, doesn’t mean you impacted them in any meaningful way.

However, you can tell if you post some thoughts on your blog that incentivize people to comment and provide some worthwhile addition to the conversation.

For that reason, we’re thankful for all the people that have taken the time to add their thoughts, challenges and encouragements to this blog. It lets us know that we’re on the right path in serving you.

Keep 'em coming.