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Posted by Andrew VanderPloeg

Back in mid-December, we were contacted by Journey Church in North Carolina and asked about a logo project they were looking to undertake.

They had made the decision to rebrand their organization to Rescue House and they wanted our assistance in developing the new logo for the ministry. The name comes from the adage that churches are to be a hospital for the broken, not a hotel for the saints. This is their mission and calling and they wanted their name to more clearly represent that. They also knew, as will be easily attested by anyone in the ministry world, that there are a fair few Journey Church's out there and so differentiation was a key need as well.

Using that basic creative and strategic inspiration, we administered a branding questionnaire that gave us a deeper look into their organization and gave us the tools to effectively strategize and create a new logo for the ministry.
The real challenge for this logo was to come up with a creative visual mark that played on the rescue theme - something that captured attention and conveyed urgency but also conveyed hope.

The obvious answer was some sort of play on a first aid cross, but that option was almost too obvious and risked ending up in simply having a Christian cross for a logo, which, although it is the central concept to who Rescue House is as a ministry, isn't a uniquely identifying mark. The creative solution that was generated and approved was to use a play on the Morse code dashes and dots that makes up the familiar distress call, S.O.S.

Rescue House Logo

The stacked nature of the icon elements in combination with the simple, clean font allowed for a powerful mark that's scalable. We could even begin to see creative applications of the icon on T-shirts and other mediums that is always a good sign.

I believe that it's a testament to Rescue House's clear vision, effective decision-making structure and a shared commitment to clear communications that this was the fastest logo project that we have ever undertaken here at Radiant. Within a span of 3-and-a-half weeks, we had pitched original concepts, completed revisions, color concepts and had a disc in their hands with the logos on it.

We are very proud of this piece of work and even more so, pleased to have delivered something that Rescue House can hang it's brand on. We look forward to seeing how it helps to facilitate their growth in reach and impact.