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Lest We Forget

Posted by Andrew VanderPloeg

Flanders FieldsLast year, while my wife and I were visiting family in Europe, we had a chance to spend some time in Belgium, very near the area known to many Canadians as Flanders Fields.

Flanders is a county in Belgium where many Canadian soldiers fought and died for the sake of freedom and there remain many monuments and grave sites that testify to their sacrifice. This is a photo I took at a cemetery that we were able to visit – it is one of the smallest grave sites in the area and yet, there are hundreds of stones.

Downloadable WallpaperEach November 11 here in Canada, we observe Remembrance Day as a time to recall and be thankful for the sacrifice that was made which enables us to live today, in a country of peace and tolerance and great opportunity. This year, we are pleased to share the day with our American friends who are celebrating Veteran’s Day on November 11 also.

In honor of those heroes, we wanted to create a desktop reminder to help us, and all of you, to consider the gift of freedom they secured on our behalf. 

Click here or on the thumbnail (on the left) to download the desktop background.

...Lest we forget...