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Posted by Ray Majoran

Getting Our Priorities StraightI often wonder how much we actually acknowledge God in our day-to-day work-life. I know that we acknowledge the fact that God is with us and that we are “working for His purposes”, but how often do we actually acknowledge Him throughout the day? I read a sermon from John Piper this morning entitled “I Am Who I Am” (from his 1984 collection). Here is an excerpt:

“Suppose the president of the United States invited you and a few of your friends to the White House for a reception. As you enter the cozy green room, the president is sitting by the fire place and you walk right by him without a glance or a greeting. For the whole evening you neither look at him nor speak to him nor thank him nor inquire why he called you together. But every time the one reporter asks you if you believe in the existence of the president, you say, ‘Of course.’ You even agree that this is his house and that all this food came from his kitchen. But you pay him no regard. Practically speaking you act as if you do not believe he exists. You ignore him. He has no place in the affections of your heart. His gifts, not himself, are the center of your attention.”

In his book, “This Beautiful Mess: Practicing the Presence of the Kingdom of God” (which I will make further reference to in a future blog), Rick McKinley notes, “Following Jesus isn’t about us; it’s about Him. I can’t embrace the kingdom when my arms are full of me.”

Let’s remember each and every day that doing the work of Christ is indeed about Him. Test each motive. “Am I doing this out of selfish desire (in the “name of God”), or am I doing this because Christ has called me to do this, and I am passionately ready to serve Him?”

He is real, He is here, and He is ready to lead if we are ready to follow.