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Posted by Ray Majoran

As a thank you to all of our customers, we have a number of huge things in store for 2013. We're keeping most of them under wraps for now, but we wanted to give you an early taste of one of the bigger ones – the ability to create a mobile app for your church or ministry!

All of our Radiant WebTools customers can already create unique mobile websites, and with the addition of an app, you’ll add one more gateway to your ministry.  It’s something we’ve long-envisioned for our clients, and something we’ve been working behind the scenes for over a year now.

Here are the details of Version 1 of the Radiant WebTools app:

  • The app is tentatively scheduled to launch in May, 2013. (Note to Reader: This was changed to the beginning of October in time for Catalyst Atlanta.)
  • It will be available first on iPhone and Android devices. (Depending on demand, further device support will follow.)
  • The app will focus on featuring events, media and ministry information. (More will be added in future versions.) Essentially all of your events, features and media files from Radiant WebTools will be automatically synced with your app.
  • There will be 2 options for the app – a “general Radiant WebTools version” and a “branded version”.  
  • With the general Radiant WebTools version, you’ll be able to download it from the app store and search for your ministry (within the app). Once you find your ministry, it will save your preferences for future use.
  • The branded version will be the same except for the fact that it will be listed in the app store as “Your Ministry Name” and you’ll be able to skip the “search for your ministry” step.

Costs and Details:

  • The cost of using the Radiant WebTools version of the app for your church / ministry will be FREE.
  • The Radiant WebTools version of the app will be available to all Green, Orange, Red, Blue and Purple Suite users.
  • If you'd prefer the branded version of the app, the one-time fee will be $500 (which includes setup, initial fees and yearly fees that we have to pay to vendors like Apple). You will only pay this once (not yearly); we cover your licensing renewal fees with each software vendor.
  • The branded version of the app will be available to Blue and Purple Suite users.

Here are a few screen shots of what’s coming: