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Effective Storytelling

Posted by Andrew VanderPloeg

Marketing, at least good marketing, is all about telling stories. It’s about conveying the compelling reason why the thing that you have to offer matters.

If you think about it in those terms, it’s a discipline that lines up well with what Churches and faith-based Non-Profits are called to do.

But as with anything, there’s a risk that we can take something good and useful and mess it up. I read two quotes last week on another blog that clearly encapsulate how I see marketing as a tool used by churches:

“Are we trying to make our stories bigger with God or just better to ourselves?”
- Jon Acuff, Stuff Christians Like

“Our tendency as communicators can be to focus on the stories that move people instead of on the stories that move God. The stories that move God will certainly move people. But the stories that just move people, often because it’s about building our ego, or brand or church, are really not that big at all.”
Church Marketing Sucks 

It's counter-intuitive to many people to communicate a message that has the potential to offend, but at the end of the day, that's exactly what we are supposed to do. It also calls for an entirely unique kind of metric in determining whether we succeed or fail in our efforts.