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  • Oct5Fri

    Radiant WebTools 4.0 Is Here!

    October 5, 2012

    Catalyst Conference, Atlanta, GA – Live from Catalyst Atlanta, Radiant is pleased to announce the Official Beta Release of Radiant WebTools 4.0!

    Radiant WebTools 4.0 gives you a lot more flexibility when it comes to your design, site structure and search engine management. You can read a full blog about it here.

    “This is a huge step in the right direction”, says Ray Majoran, CEO of Radiant. “Churches and ministries have been asking for this kind of flexibility and control for a long time.”

    Ray also notes that one of the biggest additions to Radiant WebTools 4.0 is its ability to better equip designers and developers.

    “The model five or six years ago is much different than the model today”, says Ray. “In the past, many of the people signing up to Radiant WebTools were pastors and church secretaries; they really depended on us for our professional template designs. Now, we still have a large number of ministries that want our designs, but we’re seeing an even greater number of ministries that want the flexibility to come up with their own look and feel. They have capable volunteers within their network that are experienced, professional web designers.”

    Radiant WebTools 4.0 combines a unique mix of simplicity (for the basic user) and flexibility (for the more advanced user).

    Customers using Radiant WebTools 3.0 can now try version 4.0 when they login to their account. Pricing of 4.0 remains the same (or better in the case of Purple Suite users) as 3.0, and includes a number of upgraded services like unlimited pages, complete design control, unlimited events.

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