Analyzing Site Stats with Google Analytics - Radiant

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An important step, after obtaining a website, is the ongoing management of the site, its content, and the user’s experience. A helpful tool to accomplish this is Google Analytics.

Google Analytics offers a variety of features through the statistical tracking of the visitors on your website. The following features are available through the service:

  • Number of hits on the site as a whole
  • Number of hits on individual pages
  • Visits by source (direct, search engine, social media)
  • Visits by country
  • Time spent on site
  • Time spent on each page
  • Visitor paths that display how the user navigates through the site
  • Site stats through a specific date range that you can choose.

Best of all, Google Analytics is free, and is easily integrated into your Radiant WebTools site. (Radiant WebTools does include stat tracking, however it is only based on the previous six months).

Leveraging free tools like Google Analytics will help you understand patterns in user behavior, which will then allow you to make ongoing adjustments. The result - you will be more effective in communicating your message.