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Who Ya Gonna Call?

Posted by Andrew VanderPloeg

Today marks the launch of the national Do-Not-Call registry in Canada. It’s been a long time coming and I for one am so thankful we’ve finally got one north of the border.

Do Not Call!Funny thing is that I’ve been trying to register my number all morning and I’ve gotten various error messages that range from an error capture by the programmers that developed the site which reads: “The service is not available. Please try again later”, to a complete failure of a “page cannot be found” error.

The reason for the problems is that the registry is getting absolutely hammered by requests and it can’t handle the volume.

But if this new service is that popular, then it follows that people must really hate telemarketing. In fact, I’m pretty confident that I can say that I’ve never in my life met a person that likes telemarketing calls.

So the question that stands out to me is why are so many firms still using this means of communicating to potential consumers? It can only be for one of two reasons. Either it’s a proven tool or a lot of companies and organizations are making really dumb decisions and throwing money at a marketing tool that stinks.

And even if it is a proven tool...is it really a good idea to incentivize your customers into buying or supporting your organization by annoying them to the point that they buy or give just to get you off their backs? That doesn’t sound like a recipe for creating long-term consumer advocates – I just don’t get it.