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Posted by Brian Klassen

I’ve been thinking about something lately and am wondering how all of you feel about it. I’m talking about the Mobile Web. I’ve been reading a book called Mobile Web Design by Cameron Moll and he was throwing out some crazy numbers when it comes to mobile adoption around the world and how it’s affecting web browsing and more importantly, the future of web browsing. He states that in the past 35 years, mobile usage is approximately 2.7 billion mobile phones strong. Some countries have over 100% mobile phone penetration.

I just got a new Blackberry with strong web surfing capabilities. It’s really funny to me that I now get very impatient when I surf on it (my BB) and all they have available is a regular web page, (way to much information for a mobile surfer) or even worse, something that doesn’t work at all.

It seems to me that we are in the middle of a very dynamic shift on how we use the web. I think it’s time to start considering whether mobile surfing is right for our different organizations. Can you see the possibilities?