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Posted by Andrew VanderPloeg

Google is celebrating its tenth birthday – which is amazing if you consider how much a part of our lives and even our language it has become (we no longer do an online “search”, we “Google” things).

One of the reasons that Google has been as successful as they have been, is that they march to the beat of a different drum – there’s a new term for that too, it’s called being “Googly”. And in true Googly fashion, they are celebrating their tenth birthday with the launch of Project 10 to the 100. See

But while having a massive corporate entity act in these kinds of innovative and socially responsible ways can feel really different and new, it’s not really a new concept is it? It’s more about the how.

The question is: are we learning anything from the example that Google and other innovators are setting in finding new and exciting ways to come together, utilize the tools we have at our disposal and make a difference? Or even more fundamentally, do we understand the tools we have available to us?

Google is leveraging the input of the WHOLE WORLD to come up with the best ideas and then funding the best suggestions.

The infrastructure is do this. What’s holding us back?