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AMDL is Coming!

Posted by Ray Majoran

For those of you who are AdvancedMinistry users, I am pleased to announce that we are making great headway on a new development language for AdvancedMinistry called AMDL – AdvancedMinistry Development Language. For those of you who aren’t AdvancedMinistry users and have absolutely no idea what I’m talking about, let me explain...

Ever since we launched AdvancedMinistry, we’ve had numerous people tell us how much they like our designs BUT, they really wish they could change the background, a color, an image, etc. With AMDL, you will have the ability to start with any template that you want, and modify it to fit your ministry’s brand (beyond simply replacing the banner image). Furthermore, you will have the ability to move components on your homepage using a drag-and-drop technique (like Facebook) and create custom templates to suit your ministry’s needs.

We also have another group of people that loves the way AdvancedMinistry handles content, but wish they could use their own design with the AdvancedMinistry back-end. AMDL will allow you to do that as well. We will provide designers and developers with an AMDL manual that will show you how to integrate AMDL components into your own HTML and CSS!

We hope to get AMDL version 1 launched in late Fall and announce our plans for AMDL version 2 by the end of the year (which believe it or not, is going to be even more impactful than version 1).

Thanks to everyone for all of their feedback. Please keep it coming!