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Posted by Andrew VanderPloeg

Read a great article today called "What the Unchurched See in a Building". You can check it out here: http://blog.christianitytoday.com/outofur/archives/2008/09/what_the_unchur.html

What struck me most in this post were two back-to-back comments by Jim Couchenour, director of marketing and ministry services at Cogun Inc., a church building design firm.

"...the building must reflect the values and integrity of the congregation in order to work."
"Buildings without relationships have no meaning".

What occurred to me when I read those statements is how applicable they are to marketing materials as well - especially in the ministry/non-profit context.

Our greatest client success stories always revolve around how the communications pieces we've designed and/or developed for an organization have led to a relationship. But what if our communications could not only lead to, but actually be a place where relationship happens?

This blog is one place where we hope that occurs.

How are you relating with your audience?