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Posted by Andrew VanderPloeg

I know that I've talked about this before, but it keeps coming up and so I think it bears mentioning yet again. Additionally, there's something to be said about repeating an important point - after all, Jesus even did that!
The point that I want to reinforce is simply this: simplify.

When you're developing a logo, don't try and cram every aspect of your organizations mission and culture into one brand mark. Barring a miracle, you'll end up with a mark that is so complicated that it doesn't effectively say anything at all about you.

When you're building your website, the over-arching brand goals of the organization are what's most important, not the individual needs of a department or person within the organization. As a side-note, the presumption there is that the over-arching brand goals of the organization have everything to do with the people you serve.
When you're designing up a promotional video or print piece, clear, concise (translated simple), directives will lead to an end product that has a chance at succeeding.

Most organizations can do with applying the challenge to bring your core message down to the most concise statement you can think of, and then shortening it further from there. Challenge yourself with this and see what you can come up with!