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Posted by Andrew VanderPloeg

It's always a happy day when a client who we've worked for in the past rings us up to tell us that they are doing more work and invite us to bid on it. This happened recently with our friends at CAM International.

Back in 2006, we had the pleasure of designing the CAM International website, and in 2008, we were honored for our work on that site by the Webby Awards.

But beyond our involvement and the benefits we've received from the relationship, the one thing that excited us the most about CAM, was their mission. As it reads on CAM’s website, their mission is to: "produce and empower committed followers of Jesus Christ in Spanish-speaking areas to reach the world".

As time has progressed and CAM has been blessed with expansion in their work, they've been busy evaluating not only a rework of their website, but also an entire rebrand. After more than a year of focused study, prayer, and audience research, CAM International has announced that they are rebranding as Camino Global and they've chosen Radiant to help them again - but this time, we'll be assisting with many more aspects of their visual brand.

We'll be starting with a logo and style guide, progressing to business stationery and then moving on to a website and a number of print materials.

We're so thankful for the opportunity to work with the team at Camino Global again and we're looking forward develop a new brand image for the future.