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Congrats to Mark Morrison!

Posted by Andrew VanderPloeg

Many of us in the office grew up playing competitive Volleyball.

And while some of us are still involved in a playing capacity, Mark Morrison has spent the last couple years giving back to the game and building into young people as a member of the coaching team for the Oakridge Oaks Sr. Volleyball team.

The Oaks have quite the pedigree as one of the most successful high schools in Canada. Including many city and provincial championships, Oakridge can also boast having been the first training ground for Paul Duerden, the first person to ever to be selected to the Canadian national team directly out of high school.

But that is all history and each year, the Oaks re-gear and prepare to face a new season and a new challenge with a hope of building on that winning foundation. This year was no exception as this past weekend, after winning the city championships, the Oaks went on to win yet another Ontario championship.

So, on behalf of the whole team at the office, we congratulate the Oaks and in particular, our very own Mark Morrison on the big win!

Oakridge Team Shot