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Posted by Andrew VanderPloeg

My guess is that most people, if not all, would agree that self evaluation and reflection is a good thing. Whether it's a birthday, New Years or some other time that we set aside to reflect, it's a good thing to look at one's self and ask questions like: how am I doing?

This kind of thing needs to happen corporately too. It's not enough to always just keep ploughing forward, retrospection and introspection are key tools to strategizing the future. That kind of evaluation includes questions like: What are my goals? How am I doing at meeting them? How am I perceived by those around me? How can I get better?

But as with self-evaluation, it's important for an organization to not just ask these questions of itself, you also need an external perspective. We humans simply aren't capable of being completely objective about ourselves and that is true of us corporately as well. There's lots of stuff that we just plain miss or refuse to see.
So, one tool that we offer to organizations to help with this is what's called a Communications Audit.

The idea behind a Communications Audit is for us to come to an understanding of what you think your brand is today. It then involves meeting with your team(s) and reviewing your marketing materials to come to an appreciation of whether you are in fact, communicating what you believe you are communicating. Very often, there are clear breakdowns and in identifying them, you set your organization up to strategize about the future of your marketing far more effectively.

A little reflection does indeed go a long way.