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A Prayer For You

Posted by Andrew VanderPloeg

I want to share a cool story today.

Quite a while ago, we received an email from Pastor John Michael Weaver asking if they could use one of our wallpaper designs for a print project. We really appreciated the request and after discussing it, we opted to give permission to use the file. Then, to be honest, the issue went quiet for a while and, well...out of site, out of mind.

...until a few weeks ago, when Derek received a letter from Pastor John. I'll share a few key lines from the letter here:

We cannot thank you enough for your generosity and willingness to let us use your graphic design from Xpiritmental in the printing of our Revolution Bibles...We feel so honored to have had a partnership with you in this way and to see the Kingdom of God expanded through your art and the Word of God...We hope to use these Bibles as gifts to New Beleivers, witnessing tools for our students, and outreach Bibles to give to seekers. I know your art will make a difference and incite people who normally wouldn't read the Bible..."

This is exciting stuff for us because we love to hear how God is working through the stuff that we do. And that's the key point for us, because God's blessed us with skills to do the work that we do and given us the opportunity and ability to do it, it's Him that deserves all the praise. So today, as we reflect on this letter from Pastor John, we're doing so with thankfulness to be able to do the jobs that we do every day.

Praying that God provides you with the same sense of usefulness today.