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Catalyst Update!

Posted by Andrew VanderPloeg

Yesterday, I talked about how we're going to be at Catalyst. But as with NYWC San Diego, heading to Catalyst in Atlanta wasn't just about us - we're also excited to connect with a number of you there and to learn from other organizations/individuals that will be down there about how they are communicating these days. Here's a few highlights of people/groups that our team is excited to connect with over the next few days.

Giant Impact - Earlier this year, our very own Mark Morrison ran a local site for Leadercast. Giant Impact are the people in charge of both Leadercast and Catalyst and so we're excited to touch base with them and learn from what they are up to.

Chick-fil-A Restaurants - I've already gotten reports from our team about how caught off guard they were by the level of customer service at these restaurants. We've all heard about it, but apparently, you need to go to truly "get it". Our team is hoping for an opportunity for more contact with the team at Chick-fil-A because you can never learn enough about customer service.

Plywood People - Plywood is an interesting group to us and so we're intrigued to get an opportunity to sit and talk with them. Plywood came to our attention as they are connected with the crew at Live 58: and their website pegs them as a community that searches for "social problems with the hope to match them with entrepreneurial creativity to organize, innovate, and manage ideas that produce change." Sounds interesting, no? We definitely think so.

Again, stay tuned in the coming weeks as we begin to share some of the content coming out of these great conferences. We're excited and know that the stuff we're collecting will be instructive for us and all of you.