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Posted by Andrew VanderPloeg

I’m an avid soccer fan - more specifically, I cheer for Manchester United

Despite more recent rivalries, anyone who knows anything about English football (soccer), will know that one of the most anticipated matches on their calendar is Manchester United vs. Arsenal. Like Manchester, Arsenal has a strong history and some of the best games I’ve ever watched were between these two clubs.

This past weekend's game between these two teams wasn’t one of those though. To be clear, it was a great day to be a United fan as they trounced Arsenal 8-2 (you can watch all the goals here). But although I was happy for my team, I felt bad for Arsenal. A team that has consistently underperformed in the last few years, lost a few of it’s biggest stars, including it’s captain in recent weeks and was understrength due to some injuries took a beating that was humbling to say the least.

The cool thing was that the fans kept chanting, encouraging and hoping for their team to fight back throughout the game.

Since then, it has been announced that 3,000 Arsenal fans who made the trek from London to Manchester to watch the game and cheer for their team, will be awarded tickets to see another Arsenal game.

I mention this because it’s a wonderful example of the concept I introduced yesterday in service-based thinking. The team realized that they did not put up a fight…in other words, they didn’t deliver a product that was worthy of their customers, so they are going to have them back and right the wrong.

In a day and age where teams purchase their players and in so doing, buy their way to championships, I'd much rather cheer for a team that isn't just well supported, but supports it's fans right back.

Kudos to Arsenal. We can all learn a lot from this.