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Posted by Ray Majoran

One of our mandates here at Radiant is to work with like-minded organizations who are making a difference in their communities and throughout the world. Recently, in speaking with Jamie McIntosh from International Justice Mission (IJM), he made us aware of a new project called Live58 (, a Christ-centered global initiative to end extreme poverty. The name comes from Isaiah 58 where God desires that his people carry out a True Fast, one that cares for the poor and oppressed.

Live58 has partnered with organizations like IJM, Compassion and World Relief (to name a few). We LOVE what they are doing and in response, have created a Special Edition Radiant Inspiration desktop wallpaper. We encourage you to download it, make it your computer wallpaper and tell others about Live58. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of those who need us. The call to action is clear; the response is up to us!

Download the new wallpaper here or visit Radiant Inspiration for more wallpapers.

Radiant Inspiration: Special Edition
Isaiah 58

Radiant Inspiration Special Edition