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Posted by Ray Majoran

Ten years ago we set out to do something a little different in the Christian community -- create free desktop backgrounds that pushed the limits of design and drew attention back to our Creator and Savior, Jesus Christ. Back then, we coined it "Xpiritmental", a spin off of the words "Spirit" and "experimental". Recently, we renamed Xpiritmental to "Radiant Inspiration" so that we could bring it in line with our Radiant brand inspired by Psalm 34:5.

Today, we are pleased to announce Radiant Inspiration desktop wallpaper #100: Increased & Multiplied, inspired by Acts 12:24 and made up of all our other Radiant Inspiration wallpapers!

Download the new wallpaper here or visit Radiant Inspiration for more wallpapers.

Radiant Inspiration No. 100
Psalm 34:5

Radiant Inspiration 100