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Posted by Andrew VanderPloeg

Domino's Pizza LogoDomino's Pizza is running an electronic ticker in Times Square, New York that shares in real-time, people's thoughts on the Domino's brand. Good or bad and only filtered for expletives and relevance, the thoughts are shared with the approximately 1.6 million people who pass through Times Square each day.

Bold...and smart.

Smart because Domino's has learned the hard way, that you can try to ignore social media, but you do so at your own risk.

Some of you might remember the major brand hit that Domino's took in 2009 when employees posted a video on YouTube of them doing disgusting things to a pizza that was going out to a customer. Not only did the video take off and turn into a real brand hit for the company, but to make it worse, they really couldn't respond in a meaningful way because they weren't on any social media channels.

Imagine being at a party of 100 people and finding out that at another party with 10,000 people, someone was destroying your reputation. You could jump up and down and shout all you want at your party of 100, but you really aren't in the right place at the right time. That's where Domino's found themselves two years ago.

Fast-forward to today and we see a completely different Domino's. We see an organization that is not only able to respond to brand hits, but is ahead of the curve, asking it's audience what they think of the brand and are transparently sharing it.

Sure, there's a lot of risk in that if you're not willing to change, but there is a lot of wisdom in it if you are. Domino's customers are freely telling them how to be better - how to serve them better and provide them with a product that they want to buy.

Why would you not want that feedback?