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Server Report - 12:25AM EST

Posted by Ray Majoran

As noted in our Twitter feed updates, some of our users experienced server issues today. Here is a quick summary report:

- Over the weekend, there were a couple of instances of users that could not get to their websites. We handled a couple of requests through software reboots and monitored the situation carefully.

- Upon evaluation early this morning (5:50am EST), we determined it was necessary to move data off of one server to another.

- In doing so, some users experienced latency issues throughout the day; sometimes even downtime.

- Upon realizing this, we made a major decision to escalate an additional server change (that we had scheduled for later this week).

- At the end of the day, we ended up moving all of our code and databases to 6 new enterprise-class servers, which are exponentially faster than our old ones.

- Earlier this evening, we completed the migration and everything began running smoothly again for most users.

- As of 12:25am, we are still working hard to tie up some loose ends. Everything is running smoothly.

- We will be making a few more updates over the next couple of days to fine-tune everything.

If you have any additional questions or problems, please don't hesitate to login to your account and submit a support ticket.

Have a great night, and God bless!

Ray Majoran, CEO