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Let's Be Honest

Posted by Andrew VanderPloeg

Christian Churches are broken.

I'm not talking about the buildings either. I mean "the Church"; the people who gather together on Sunday mornings and likely at other times throughout the week to share their lives and learn about/worship God.

A few months ago, I went to Sunday morning service after a bit of a rough week and was thinking a lot about how I was going to worship standing shoulder-to-shoulder with people who had been pretty hurtful to me. I got thinking in the service about the fact that I was undoubtedly not the only person who was or had dealt with this issue. It's quite a certain thing actually that in any close gathering of people, someone is going to do things to hurt others. It happens in friendships, in work circles, in families and it happens in churches as well.

But what I came to realize that day, as I weighed the fact that I'm no better, and that I was thankful anyone was standing shoulder-to-shoulder with me, was that I loved my Church. I love the people that make it up in all their diversity and idiosyncrasies and selfishness. I love them because I'm just like them and it's simply the grace of God that gives any of us a reason to be there worshipping at all.

I've been chewing on that revelation ever since and then, the other day, the following question struck me hard:

Do our church communications reflect this truth? Are we forthcoming with the fact that we're not perfect? Do we accurately represent ourselves as a group of people that don't have it down, trying to get it down by God's grace and slipping up along the way?