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Posted by Ray Majoran

Contrary to our post from last week, our new name for Electricurrent is not Quadruple Hippopatumus Express... sorry, Jelani. :)

Today, we are pleased to announce our (real) new name for Electricurrent, which is... Radiant! We are very excited about the new name and the significance it holds in regard to what we are trying to accomplish as a company.


Ultimately, we define Radiant this way: Radiant is an agency focused on reflecting the radiance of Christ through ideas, planning, design and technology.

Furthermore, AdvancedMinistry (a product of Radiant, formerly Electricurrent) will now become Radiant WebTools.

Radiant WebTools

We believe this change will bring more clarity to who we are as a company and what we're trying to accomplish.

Over the next number of days, you will begin to notice a number of changes in the brand and websites.

Thank you to everyone for all of your support. The Electricurrent and AdvancedMinistry era has ended. Let the Radiant and Radiant WebTools era begin. To God be all glory.

(For those of you wondering what is happening with the corporate side of our company – none of that has changed. Bark Communications and BarkBuilder remain the same.)