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I Don't Get It

Posted by Andrew VanderPloeg

Honestly, I don't get this ad:

Kleenex Ad

The copy is probably too small for you to read, so I've blown it up for you here:

Kleenex Ad Text

This is an ad that's been taken out by Kleenex to, in effect, recapture control of their brand. Evidently, they lost control somewhere along the way and now they want it back.

Thing is, for most people, Kleenex® Brand Tissue is an example of a brand that has so utterly succeeded, that the short-form of their name is used as a synonym for all facial tissue on the market. Ever found yourself adding Kleenex to your grocery list? If so, you're branded :)

So, why fight it? Why take issue with and place advertisting dollars toward this "problem"?

Is it a case of other tissues on the market being subpar and because of the ubiquity of the Kleenex brand, they are now tied to it? Or is it a case of wanting to take control of their brand instead of allowing a generation of witting/unwitting advocates to run with it?

I'm interested to hear your thoughts.