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Here is an ad that I really like, mainly because to me, it's hilarious!

Last week Andrew wrote a post called Think Before You Tweet. This ad made me think about the point Andrew was making and how true it is that we send things without thinking and sometimes worse, send them without making sure it is going to the right person(s). Furthermore, to his point it got me thinking about something I have heard my pastor and others speak of and that is how tone is lost in the exchange of communications through electronic means. Are we so busy these days we don't consider face-to-face talks anymore, sometimes with the very people we work with who are just down the hall? Or whatever happened to making a quick phone call? Personally I just notice a trend where people are communicating in person or voice less-and-less. Are you at all concerned about the potential negative affects this could have on our relationships with the world around us over the long haul?

Secondly, I wrote a post months ago called Brand Power in which I briefly explored the idea of ads becoming more and more of a spectacle over time. As hilarious as the ad was does it get the job done? There were a few quick product shots in the ad but the overall premise showed more technology and crazy man running around than anything to do with tires. After the ad what are you left thinking? I saw this ad a long time ago but until I found it on YouTube and re-watched it I couldn't recall what the ad was for. All I could recall was the guy freaking out in an effort to control who got the email he sent. Please don't mistake the point here, TV advertising is something I am not a professional at so this is a bit speculative, however what I do know about marketing/branding tells me something is a bit off here.

There are so many angles that could be taken when branding yourself it is a really tough call to decide which way to go. Research is a huge key in the process that will determine your success. Knowing who you are targeting, what they are passionate about and what/how they respond are important things to determine. Otherwise you are engaged in guess work which most times will leave you short of where you wanted to get.