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Sharing The Wealth 2.0

Back in the fall I shared some helpful resources that I like to use from time-to-time in my design work. Here are a few more that I hope will help you out:

What the Font – This is a great resource to use if you are trying to figure out a font that you have in a graphic and can't remember or find out the name of it. All you have to do is upload as clean of a sample as you can in jpg format, preferably black type on a white background, and the site will offer you possibilities of what the font is (showing you samples).

Grid Designer – This is a helpful tool to use when starting out a webpage design. It helps you build a grid that will start your page out in an organized and clean fashion. My personal tip is to take a screen capture of the grid and put it right into your Photoshop document.

Type Setter – This site helps you compare screen fonts to determine what is more desirable for your site design. It helps determine readability between options right on the screen.

Lorem Ipsum – There is a better-than-good chance that you have seen "lorem ipsum" text in a design concept. It is simply some latin copy that is used in place of actual copy during the early stages of the design process. This text is used because it is more pleasing to look at and less distracting than hammering random keys on the keyboard to make your placeholder text. This site is a good place to get lorem ipsum from. Simply highlight the portion you want, copy it, and paste it into your document.

PSD Graphics – This is a really nice site to get free photoshop graphics from. Well rendered, high quality and best of all, they're free!