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40,000 Desktop Downloads!

Last week on the Xpiritmental blog we surpassed 40,000 downloads for desktops in just over two-and-a-half years time. The pace for downloads has been steady at nearly 1,500 per month. It's pretty interesting and fulfilling as one of the creators of the designs to see them so well received.

To get another perspective as to what the numbers mean, consider the fact that over 40,000 images are now circulating on people's computer screens being enjoyed by tens of thousands of people. It also means that over 40,000 impressions have been made that have potentially started a conversation about our faith. It's really cool to me to think about what some free images could possibly be doing for God's Kingdom.

I am wondering if anyone out there reading this has a good story about the desktops. Whether it's a personal story about how they may have encouraged you, helped you through a tough time or gotten you talking to someone about your faith. We would love to hear it!