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Posted by Andrew VanderPloeg

Our Creative Director sent me this graphic last week:

University Website

That image is such a great example of organization-centric thinking vs. user-centric thinking. What do people come to your website for? What do they need from your print brochure? Why do they come to your conference? Or better yet, why aren't they coming to your conference?

Many organizations never consider these things. They just blindly push forward not considering for a second that the reason they exist isn't for the organization itself, it's for the people you serve. And even those that do understand that truth often don't effectively ask users their opinion. They just sit around a boardroom table with each other and say, what do you think our users need?

Ask your audience. Find out what they need. It doesn't show weakness, it shows strength. It ingratiates you to them. It gives you the tools to serve them better.