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I came across this set of Photoshop manipulations this morning on one of my favorite design blogs: www.graphicdesignblog.com

These are some really outstanding works displaying creativity and more importantly, professional execution of images in Photoshop.

I have pulled five of my favorites from a series of forty images.

Photoshop Manipulation Sample 1
I don't know for what purpose this image was designed, but it is interesting to me when I reflect on the processed nature of restaurant food. The creator of this image did a great job with the lighting of the fish being consistent through the entire visual. The fish was squared but it still looks legitimate. I can't see anywhere in this image any “proof” that this was faked.

Photoshop Manipulation Sample 2
This image is hilarious, but very well put together. One of the first points that would be a stumbling point for a designer would be where the guy is holding the woman. All shadows are well done and there are no awkward gaps between the fingers and poor woman who is far more excited than she should be given what is about to happen.

Photoshop Manipulation Sample 3
I like this one for the fact that I don't know where I would start to accomplish what this designer has done. The lighting, the textures... everything about this image is pretty well perfect.

Photoshop Manipulation Sample 4
This is a really fun image and would be fairly easy to do. The creator of this image did a very nice job with the entire image in the way they created some nice contrast in all the details of the guys skin. It is a great composition and a funny piece of creative.

Photoshop Manipulation Sample 5
I like the artistic appeal of this image and it is probably my favorite despite its appearance of not being complicated. The open, unending spiral picture frame is a really cool concept. It is a neat deception and trick on the eye that is fun to try and figure out.

If you wish to view the entire series please follow this link.