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Right Here. Right Now.

Posted by Andrew VanderPloeg

We have and continue to get the opportunity to work with some amazing organizations. Groups like: International Justice Mission, World Vision, World Relief Canada, Teen Challenge, Pure Life Ministries, CAM International, Opportunity International. These are non-profit organizations that each have incredibly compelling stories to tell. They change lives. Their work ensures people around the globe have access to food and water that would not without their help. Their work is used to impact the hearts and souls of thousands. Their work pulls people back from the brink of death. Their work saves lives.

So we love our work. We get a chance to help these organizations communicate their messaging better. But we don't have a monopoly on knowing how that's done. That said, we watch, we listen, and we learn. One organization that you've heard me talk about before that is setting the standard for non-profit communications is charity: water. So I want to share a video with you all of Scott Harrison, founder of that organization, as he talks about what's going on in their work.

As I watch that video, I'm reminded of key truths about successful non-profit communications.

  • Tell a simple, compelling story
  • Turn average people into advocates (A few passionate people can make a HUGE difference)
  • Facilitate their creative ideas
  • Give up your story (It's never been just your story)
  • Tell their stories!
  • Tell their stories positively (Don't just camp out on the need - communicate the solution.)
  • Dream big and optimistically

And while you're thinking about your big, optimistic dreams, remember:

"If there was ever a time in the world, that that was possible, it's right now. More than a week ago. More than a month ago. More than a year ago."
- Scott Harrison