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Awareness and Advocacy

Posted by Andrew VanderPloeg

Traditional advertising isn't dead. Stuff like billboards, TV ads and post cards can still be a useful part of a succesful communications campain. That said, any element of a campaign needs to be considered strategically.

Recently, Lowe's opened a new location just down the street from our offices. That location is also in close proximity to some of my family members and during the week that followed the the store's grand opening, Lowe's employees drove around in a branded mini-van and handed out free fall Mums to all residents in the area. Think about that...they could have easily just made a branded post card with some snappy messaging about their grand opening, but instead, they chose to give away a Chrysanthemum.

That's customer-centric advertising. That kind of advertising not only communicates a positive brand message about your organization, but while fulfilling that task, it also brought value to the customer – it's a win-win.

So don't just stick to the same old traditional media just because it's what's you've done in the past. Think creatively about how you can communicate a positive brand experience to your audience in a way that brings them value too. You won't just create awareness, you'll create advocates.