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Branding the Love

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Today is Valentine's Day, a day we reflect on and celebrate love with those in our lives that we care about most. However, there are a lot of nay-sayers out there who denounce the day as empty commercialism that leverages our emotions for financial gain. While I believe that element does exist we can not forget that love originated from God first and that we can show those we care about that we love them everyday in all that we do.

It is interesting to me to be in the line of work that I am and arrive on a day like Valentine's and see the very real branding that occurs around this day like many others. However, it is incredibly important to not let something like that jade you towards the heart of a matter. Like all things that God gave, it was given perfectly and has fallen prey to the imperfections of human nature.

Consider that fact that anything can be branded and is branded whether consciously or unconsciously. Furthermore, our collective actions as believers and followers of Christ brand Christianity as we interact with each other inside and outside of the church (body of believers). So on a day like today it is good to maintain a perspective that Valentine's Day, while somewhat based on the life of a Saint, is man-made and holds no authority over our lives. Now please understand that I am not advocating that you not do anything on this day, quite the opposite. I just want you to know that our gestures of love should by far exceed the measure of February 14th and spill over into many more days of the year. A box of chocolates and a plush toy do not fulfill the requirement of what Christ preached yet so often we live inside what the world has branded as love.

Take encouragement in the fact that the number of people working to brand love in a commercialistic view in the world are far smaller than the total number of people. So in our day-to-day lives we can have a greater effect in the branding of love than all the advertisements and media in the world combined. It's just a matter of doing something loving to leave a positive impression.