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Posted by Andrew VanderPloeg

Twice this week, this video has come to my attention:

The thing that catches me and should have a profound impact on how ministries and non-profits communicate, is the lines like: "13% of us don't have clean drinking water". More specifically, the word that I get stuck on is 'us'.

It's 13% of 'us'. You and me AND them!

We North Americans so easily fall unto an 'us and them' mentality (or worse, 'us vs. them') and we lose sight of the fact, whether it's in terms of morality, social justice, aid, or even evangelism, that it isn't us and's just us. When we lose sight of that, we put ourselves in an undeserved, 'mightier than thou' position that deeply affects how and what we communicate to others.

Our communications need to be driven by an attitude similar to the soldier that will not leave a man behind. Whether we're on the front-lines or not, we need to think and act with a heart and intention to ensure that as much as it is in our power, we all make it through the battle.

Sure there are differences in people groups around the world and they are important to consider. But at the most basic level, all of us are in need of water; all of us are in need of food; and all of us need love, especially God's love.

Acknowledging that will revolutionize how you communicate with all of us.