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Posted by Ray Majoran

2010 has been another amazing year. As we continue to see AdvancedMinistry and Electricurrent grow, we are thankful for the successes and lessons learned. We have ventured out into new territories such as sponsoring and being a part of the Catalyst Conference in Atlanta, partnering with Youth Specialties and awarding the first Ministry Branding Sponsorship of $25,000 to First Assembly of God in Georgetown, South Carolina. It truly has been an amazing year!

Our Family

Change and growth is the norm for all organizations and in 2010 we were blessed to see our team grow as we added Eric Provost to the mix as our VP, Operations. Eric brought a wealth of experience to our team which has benefitted us as we constantly work to improve our service offering and has also benefitted the clients that he directly consults. We're thankful to have him on the team.

Our Students

2010 gave us another opportunity to build into the life of a student with our co-op program. Brian Fulford has been with us since September and has spent his time learning the ins-and-outs of a brand development agency with a particular eye to the graphic design side of our business. He'll be finishing his term with us in January at which point we'll look forward to more co-op opportunities later in the year.

Staff Highlights

Once again, as is to be expected of any organization, many of the individuals here have experienced great successes and challenges in this past year. On the success side, Julie enjoyed a year off as she spent time with her beautiful little girl, Hailey, but has since re-joined the team here and been involved in a number of important projects since. Hugh also managed to once again make most of us feel like lazy slugs as he successfully competed in a half-dozen triathlons, a half-ironman and is now aiming for a full ironman in the new year.

On the challenge side, two of our team had the opportunity to see, smell and touch poverty while serving on a mission's trip in Peru. The challenging part of the mission was to see the financial need and incredibly poor living conditions while also seeing a deep wealth of faith in the local churches. They are moving mountains with make-shift shovels, bare hands and the love of God.

For more info, photos and videos go to,

Our Christmas Wish

The entire team at Electricurrent hopes that you see and continue to show Christ in this holiday season. We also encourage you to take time to evaluate what has been given to you this year and go into 2011 with a thankfulness for the amazing blessings that you, your families and organizations have been given. We are truly blessed to have been given such great clients that are on the 'front-lines', advancing ministry in their communities and the world. As an expression of our support, this year we'll be making a donation to International Justice Mission  as they continue with their life-saving work.

As in past years, our offices will be closed during the holidays. We will be shutting down at the end of the day on Thursday, December 23rd and returning Monday, January 3rd. 

However, even though the blog will be quiet, if you're an AdvancedMinistry user with a support issue, know that we're still here for you. Just continue to use the support system as usual and although we'll be away from the office, we will be monitoring our support system for any critical issues. Non-critical issues will be tended to when we return to normal business.

Similarly, for clients of Electricurrent, if you have any major issues, please contact us using our online form as someone will be monitoring it for critical issues as well.

Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!