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Posted by Ray Majoran

Last week, one of our staff asked Brian (our President) and I if we could provide them with a letter to their mortgage company noting how long they've worked here, their salary, etc. (as they were buying a house and needed proof of all this).  We get asked on a farily regular basis for letters of this nature, so I provided them with one.  Brian though, came up with an alternative letter that they could use if they saw fit.  It is that letter that I'd like to share with you today. :)

Dear Lender,

Although ________ is a valued member of our company today, you really never know what the future will hold. Heck, we could be hit by a tornado or even worse, a disease that wipes out the entire staff. Baring that, we're pretty sure they will be around for the next couple days. Salary is a whole different story. You of all people should know the tough times we are in. How can we guarantee anything? As far as their start date, it seems like _________ has been here forever, well, except for that three month holiday where we had no idea where they were. But never mind that.

We love them and that should be good enough for you. Give them the loan.

Yours Sincerely,
Brian Klassen