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Posted by Ray Majoran

As part of our ongoing mandate to provide AdvancedMinistry users with the most cutting-edge tools on the market, we are pleased to present our new Photo Upload Wizard.

The new wizard is much faster than the old one and uses an advanced photo compression system to size down your photos before being uploaded to your website. In simplified terms, if you have a hundred 10MB files, most web providers would require you to upload 1,000MB worth of photos (100 x 10MB) to your website, at which point they would compress the photos. But you've just wasted 1,000MB of precious bandwidth, costing you time (and money if your internet provider charges you for over usage). With our Photo Upload Wizard, we compress the files before they ever hit your internet connection.

Here is a sample test that we ran: 10 photos totaling 64.4MB. Compression for web-ready images dropped that number down to 1.2MB. Our system then uploaded 1.2MB of files, instead of 64.4MB.

Put that in perspective when you're dealing with hundreds of photos!