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The Dark Side of The Coin

We all know that there are pro's and con's to nearly everything in life and last week the the con's caught up with the pro's in the very industry that I work in. Marketing and advertising spend a great deal of effort, time and money convincing people why their product is best. In my opinion this has led to a society full of people that are over critical and demanding of every possible convenience. This is true to such an extent that people would complain that their bag of chips is too loud.

FritoLay had developed a chip bag that was made of a compostable material. However the new SunChip bags were more noisy than standard chip bags due to the material/production method used to create the bags. This caused many consumers to complain and even post videos you youtube demonstrating the noise caused by the bags.

To me this is so sad. FritoLay had done a wonderful thing by creating a biodegradable package for one of the most commonly littered items in North America. Consider the fact that there are over 500 million people on the continent of North America (Canada, U.S. And Mexico as of 2008). Let's just assume for simplicity sake that 500 million people divide into homes of 4 people per family/home. That would make 125 million homes on our continent. To make the math even more simple lets say there are an even 100 million homes. If each home consumes one bag of chips per week that would see 5.2 billion chips bags discarded into our landfills or environment each year.

So here we are as a society that has been so influenced by media and advertising that we are not willing to tolerate some crinkling for the betterment of our planet. Now I will be fair, the bags were loud. When my wife and I would go grocery shopping I would ask her if she wanted some "thunder chips" and she would laugh and say yes knowing I was referring to SunChips. Personally the noise didn't deter us from buying them, the compostable nature of the bag was enough of a selling point.

What's even worse is that we all know money drives nearly everything and because of this FritoLay is forced into pulling the packaging or they will suffer financially. If they suffer financially stock holders will complain and those complaints are far more loud than a bag of chips could ever be. The best thing would have been for other chip companies to come along side of FritoLay and join them in their efforts. What would people do if all chips bags were made the same way and there was no alternative? Either stop snacking or buy earplugs I suppose.

Have you even heard of this story? Have you heard a bag of SunChips? Do you think people are too quick to complain? Do you think marketing and advertising have anything to do with this scenario or is it just human nature to complain? Do we live in a time where it is even difficult to figure out what human nature is at all? Should people have just poured their chips in a bowl and called it a day? What do you think?