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Posted by Ray Majoran

OK, so yesterday we promised that a major update was coming today... and we promised that it was going to be big. So enough waiting already... let's get this show on the road! We'll start at the top of the list and and work our way down:

1. When we mean "big", we're not kidding. As of today, the following increases in space have been added to everyone's accounts:

  • Purple > 50GB to 500GB (900% increase)
  • Blue > 10GB to 200GB (1,900% increase)
  • Red > 5GB to 100GB (1,900% increase)
  • Orange > 500MB to 1GB (100% increase)
  • Green > 50MB to 100MB (100% increase)

That should be plenty sufficient to upload a substantial amount of audio and video files.

2. You now have a new content management system that we've code named "Versatility". The new system provides a much improved user interface when making updates to your website. We named it "Versatility" because it's just that – versatile. You can use it on a PC, Mac, Flash, no Flash, iPad, iPhone.. whatever you want.

3. As part of Versatility, you will see a brand new stats interface. All of the graphing engines are done without the use of Flash, meaning that they are readily available on mobile devices like the iPad and iPhone.

4. Speaking of mobile, AM sites already work with most major mobile devices. But as of today, you now have the option to create a separate mobile browsing experience using a combination of unique and shared content. We've always believed in making your primary site compatible with mobile browsers, but now you have the ability to create a "thinner" mobile experience. Additionally, you can alter the look and feel (colors, images, etc.) of your mobile site within your template settings. Watch the video for more details.

5. Many of our users have been asking for HTML5 video. Generally speaking, HTML5 video provides the ability to display video (MP4 files) on mobile devices like the iPad and iPhone. Your wish has been granted.

6. We now have a number of video tutorials that you can watch (and more are coming over the next two weeks) including one called "How to build a website in under 5 minutes."

God bless!